Excess of revenues in telecommunicati...

The supervisory telecommunications Fund (Fistel), established by Law 5,070/1966, is intended to provide resources to...

Excess of revenues in telecommunications funds
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Dilma indicates Aníbal Diniz and Otávio Rodrigues to Anatel

Dilma indicates Aníbal Diniz and Otávio Rodrigues to Anatel

Anatel Former Senator Hannibal Diniz must occupy the vacancy of Jarbas Valente Sao Paulo-the President Dilma Rousseff sent the Senate the nomination of Hannibal Diniz, a...

5g requires any kind of possible spectrum

5g requires any kind of possible spectrum

The President of 4 g Americas, Chris Pearson, warned that the 5 g’s in the headlines of the specialized vehicles, but requires a long time to realize its full...

Commtacta-Business Portal

Commtacta-Business Portal

Commtacta-Business Portal Along with the new website radiocomunicacao.net, also Aerbras with the Cyber1Group promotes the official launch of their new business portal...

História da Radiocomunicação

History of radio communic...

History of radio communications

It all began in 1892 with the Italian Physicist Guglielmo Marconi, who discovered the possibility to transmit signals from a distance with wireless antennas, with several experiments noted, Marconi realized that the antennas, when placed higher, had a sign of wider bandwidth. With this discovery gave the name of this technology of Radiotelegraphy or wireless […]

O que é Radiocomunicação ?

What is radio communicati...

What is radio communications?

Radio communications is the generic term used to define the medium from one point to another via radio. The radio communications can be data (internet via radio data transmission systems) or voice (radios that broadcast conversations). There are various purposes such as amateur radio, commercial radio, supervision and control, radio-taxi service, maritime mobile, aeronautical mobile, […]

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